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Saviour Hub will be a place for foundations and professionals to integrate into Web3. Doctors, therapists, councillors, and various professionals will all be able to work with patients anywhere in the world in the metaverse. Low-income patience will be able to see these professionals from the comfort of their homes without needing any special hardware, they will be able to access the metaverse from their phones to go to their appointments. They can attend 1-on-1s or groups with added privacy and comfort at home or where they choose. They will be able to participate anonymously as their metaverse counterpart or as themselves it all depends on the person. Being able to meet these professionals with the added comfort of being at home or wearing a metaverse avatar will increase the likelihood of a better faster bond with these professionals which in turn will mean faster recovery times and better feeling human beings. Imagine how many lives could be saved by being able to check in from your phone in a crisis and talk with a professional in a matter of moments. Not only that but having the ability to choose between multiple doctors or therapists is also a benefit. As a person with personal experience, I know that every second counts when in a crisis and time saves lives. People can try different councillors and therapists until they find one they bond with quicker and better leading to a better connection faster and a better healing response. As an added utility to our holders and investors, we can put up billboards and display their projects banners etc. in our metaverse office leading to more traffic and awareness generated for those projects as well. We can integrate performers into our building as well. Artists and musicians can do live metaverse performances for those visiting the Hub. This is a game changer for those living with mental health conditions as well as for those doing the fantastic work of trying to help and heal those suffering from mental health and addiction. Building this Hub is my life goal and that's what this project is going to focus on from now on top of comic books and our original roadmap. This is how we maximize our donation to mental health. Instead of donating to one foundation, we donate an entire building in the metaverse for these foundations to work out of for free. Not just 1 foundation but many. This is the best possible option at this time to really initiate the biggest amount of change from what we have here at the Saviour Project. Saviour Hub will be the next step in the evolution of mental health and Web3 integration.

Healthcare Benefits & Utility for Patients 

  • Integration of Mental Health workers into Web3

  • Ability to Attend council and medical meetings from home

  • Improved professional-patient relationship

  • Improved connections equal improved recovery times

  • Choose which medical professional best suits you from a wide range 

  • Improved crisis response times lead to higher chances of lives saved

Utility for Investors and Holders

  • Seek Help for Free for you and your family

  • Exclusive access to events and performances

  • Eligible to BE the performing act gaining exposure to the Web3 masses

  • Profit shares from ad revenue and ticket sales

  • Enjoy community events and more

  • Vote on future events and creative direction

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