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We have received blockchain communication from a group of Citizens of another realm! A group of Mini Heroes fighting for good has somehow received word of our work and want to join us in our fight here in the real world! They want to come and help us make our world a better place by helping those in our world suffering from mental health-related conditions.


They call themselves the "SideKickz"

There are scientists and engineers working with the SideKickz right now building a form of technology allowing them to traverse between worlds. Right now our technology only will enable them to be perceived by humanity as 2-dimensional beings. Still, together, we can come up with a formula to allow them to come live in the third dimension and meet us in the metaverse to continue our work together. These SideKickz are actively communicating with us and will be joining us very soon and they need your help! Help these SideKickz to travel from their home realm to our world to help us in building Saviour Hubs in the metaverse and join them on their missions along the way!

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